Friday, 15 September 2017

Digital Intensive Week 8: New Google Sites

Another amazing thing we learnt today is about New Google Sites which, is way easier to create and organise. Below you can see where New Google Sites is written, just need to click on it and then create a site by going onto Google Drawing - to name your site, import the name as a png and then uploading the image from the downloads folder. Then choose an image which you like or you can even insert an image.

This New Google Site is way easier compared to what we were creating before where we had to play around with the HTML codes so that it's user-friendly. 

Below is a snap shot of how we went about creating our classic sites.

Anyway, the exciting part is that before I left this afternoon I was successfully able to create my own New Google Site as you can see below. 

I even was able to link each Site so that it's easier for me when I am here on this landing page. See below as an example...

Also, I was able to finish take a snap shot of each of my colleagues Class Site, upload the image, write their names and insert the link. As you can see below:

By doing all this on one page/ site it's going to be helpful in my appraisal so that everything is on one page and I do not have to search whole my computer for important bits and pieces. 

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