Friday, 29 September 2017

Upcoming Manaiakalani Film Festival

In our Manaiakalani Cluster which, consists of 13 different schools we were (not a must) to make a 3 minute or less movie and submit to Dorothy as she is in charge of movies. The sole reason behind movie making is so that the learners and teachers get the enjoyment of teamwork using various devices, story writing, costume designing, acting, editing and so on and come to the end product which, is the best movies possible. 

This gives children some ownership, responsibility helps build confidence and it also involves the whanau to some extent as well.

This year we in Room 5 made a movie which is titled - Respecting Dogs. There were few challenges we had to tackle as a class before we ended up producing our video. Some of the challenges were:

1. Finding the big plush dog and we were fortunate enough to get one from one of the teachers.  

2. The green screen room was kind of small and there were only two angles we were able to shoot from. The green screen room also had lots of light from the windows. We then decided to take the big piece of green cloth and pinned it on our classroom wall and did some shooting. 

3. Another one was getting the song from Youtube, putting on garage band and sorting the music bit with words and the children's recorded voice line. It took quite some time for me to sort them out before I could export to iMovie and then start putting the clips.

4. Plus putting the clips on green screen with the suitable pictures was challenging as it took lots of time.

The best part was that I was successful in submitting my movie to Manaiakalanai and I involved almost all of my learners.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Digital Intensive Week 9: Pedagogy and Kaupapa ..... More Opportunities

This morning we had the opportunity to go over some of the opportunities Manaiakalani teachers have to sign up for in 2018. I am thrilled to learn the various opportunities we educators have got in this cluster.

 Below is the slideshow which shows the huge number of opportunities:
  After going through the slides we all sat for the Google Exam. Apart from that today is the last day for our Digital Fluency Intensive program. I personally have learnt a lot and have also used most of the things I have learnt in my classroom. There is always more to do and build on. A special thank you goes to Dorothy, Gerhard and Matt and as for my Professional Blog I will continue posting!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Digital Intensive Week 8: New Google Sites

Another amazing thing we learnt today is about New Google Sites which, is way easier to create and organise. Below you can see where New Google Sites is written, just need to click on it and then create a site by going onto Google Drawing - to name your site, import the name as a png and then uploading the image from the downloads folder. Then choose an image which you like or you can even insert an image.

This New Google Site is way easier compared to what we were creating before where we had to play around with the HTML codes so that it's user-friendly. 

Below is a snap shot of how we went about creating our classic sites.

Anyway, the exciting part is that before I left this afternoon I was successfully able to create my own New Google Site as you can see below. 

I even was able to link each Site so that it's easier for me when I am here on this landing page. See below as an example...

Also, I was able to finish take a snap shot of each of my colleagues Class Site, upload the image, write their names and insert the link. As you can see below:

By doing all this on one page/ site it's going to be helpful in my appraisal so that everything is on one page and I do not have to search whole my computer for important bits and pieces. 

Digital Intensive Week 8: Empowering Teachers and Learners

James Hopkins from CORE Education was with us whole day today. He took a session about various ways how we teachers can be connected to teaching and learners can be connected to learning. The key word he focused on was EMPOWERING. 

Empowering will lead to greater achievement. This is because the learners and teachers will feel connected and will learn better and faster from each other. 

There has been a huge shift in overall learning and achievement provided the teachers keep their work visible to everybody.

As a group, we gathered Learner & Teacher Voice and Learner & Teacher Choice. 

Refer to slide 21 for more Learner Voice & Learner Choice.

Refer to slide 22 for more Teacher Voice & Teacher Choice.

Below is the slide we used:

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Staff Meeting - eTAP - Electronic Teaching Assessment Planning

This afternoon we had Philip from eTAP who came to our school to give some guidance to us teachers about how many different ways we can use eTAP. 

Once logged in it will successfully bring us to this page:

Where we can enter results, Create Reports, mark attendance etc.
Also if we click on the Learner Hub on the top right corner then:

On this page, there are heaps of different kinds of functions as well which we just need to use and get familiar with.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Digital Intensive Week 7: Google Keep

Google Keep is the way to keep all the important photos, notes, reminders etc.

Today I added the extension Google Keep onto my Google account. It's quite handy to have Google Keep on all the gadgets so that it's easier to manage life whether it's work related or personal from any of the devices.

I was successful at downloading the app on my iphone, take a photo on my camera and then upload it to Google Keep.

I also learnt that I can take a picture from a written text and just by using the picture I can retrieve whole text on Google Keep. 

Google Keep is just so amazing.

Digital Intensive Week 7: Connected Learners - Large and Small

It was reiterated again today that keeping the blog posts clear and visible to the audience is very crucial. By doing this we are opening doors for the family, learners, other educators and anyone around the world to access, see and leave a comment. It is one of the ways we connect to a powerful network. 

Below is a slide show which will provide more details.

Upcoming Manaiakalani Film Festival

In our Manaiakalani Cluster which, consists of 13 different schools we were (not a must) to make a 3 minute or less movie and submit to Doro...