Friday, 15 September 2017

Digital Intensive Week 8: Empowering Teachers and Learners

James Hopkins from CORE Education was with us whole day today. He took a session about various ways how we teachers can be connected to teaching and learners can be connected to learning. The key word he focused on was EMPOWERING. 

Empowering will lead to greater achievement. This is because the learners and teachers will feel connected and will learn better and faster from each other. 

There has been a huge shift in overall learning and achievement provided the teachers keep their work visible to everybody.

As a group, we gathered Learner & Teacher Voice and Learner & Teacher Choice. 

Refer to slide 21 for more Learner Voice & Learner Choice.

Refer to slide 22 for more Teacher Voice & Teacher Choice.

Below is the slide we used:

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