Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Staff Meeting: Teaching as Inquiry (TAI)

Today's staff meeting was taken by Viena from our school. This is because she is one of our CoL teacher's. CoL stands for Community of Learning, which is governed by Manaiakalani Trust. 

For our meeting, each teacher was to share what our Teaching as Inquiry (TAI) has been or is. Also whether are we looking at changing our TAI or continue working on it. It was very rewarding listening to each others TAI. After the shared discussion, Viena asked us if we can relate our inquiry to one of the CoL Teacher's Achievement Challenge and then fill out slide 6 of - CoL Teachers Staff Meeting Term 3 2017 by duplicating it. 

As for my TAI - it's about using multi-modal texts in reading lessons to raise student understanding of the text to raise student achievement. So I found Rebecca Rowe's CoL Inquiry, which closely relates to what I am trying to achieve. 

I am really excited that at least I found someone who is actually doing something similar to what I am doing. I will always refer to her CoL blog to get some ideas or approaches towards using multi-modal texts in class. 

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