Friday, 11 August 2017

Digital Intensive Week 3: Create: Making Meaning of Content (Google Quicktime Handout)

Today in our Manaiakalani Digital Intensive learning I learnt how to:

Create: Making meaning of content
  • Create a video recording of a Google Hangout between groups of three.
  • Use Quicktime screen recorder - each group will need a Mac user to create the recording. Trim ends on QT to remove ‘fluffing around’ at beginning and end of recording. Send it to a Google Drive folder (make visible) at the end so you can embed in blogs.
  • In groups of three, host and record a hangout.
We choose a child from the posts here,  read what they have posted and base your discussion on this one post -*Tip* make it easy - scan through and pick one that has a creative looking post to discuss!!

Questions to guide our conversation on slide 20
  1. What learner empowerment is demonstrated?  Do you detect signs of learner agency in this post? Did they have any room to make choices?
  2. What supports / scaffolds might the teacher have set up to get this creative activity to occur? Eg scaffolds, rubrics, templates etc etc.
  3. Explain/reflect/demonstrate learning, through creation - How has creation given more opportunities for deep learning and cognitive engagement?

For the above we 3 sat separately wearing our ear pieces and got engaged in our conversation. There was bit of noise as we were sharing the room with colleagues.

Below is a Quicktime Recording done with Jay and Sandhya.

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